David Ferrell is a lifelong resident of Pulaski County where he is co-owner of a cow/calf beef farm.  He has farmed all of his life and enjoys seeing the beauty of rural landscapes, livestock, and nature on a daily basis.

After not painting for 40 years, David picked up a brush in 2017 and has enjoyed his re-emerging passion.  Before painting watercolors, he was an avid photographer, using much of his daily life as subjects.  Now, he enjoys using his photos in painting watercolors and acrylics.

David is a member of the Blacksburg Regional Artist Association and the Virginia Watercolor Society.  He has taken a few classes and loves experimenting with loose watercolor techniques.  Through his art, he hopes the public sees the beauty of agriculture and nature found throughout the New River Valley, a place he loves to call "home".

David Ferrell



David Ferrell

"Quartet Quandary"

"God’s Creation which he hath provided"

"Fall Harmony"

"Big Sky"

"In a Days Work"

"Dragonfly Series #1"