Jeaneane McKinnon


Jeaneane McKinnon

I have always loved being creative.  Looking back, I guess my entire life has been spent exploring various creative avenues.  From many years in the culinary arts, to working in a stained glass studio, I have a strong desire to envision and create things.  I love the challenges and rewards involved as a result of combining art and science.

Creating one of a kind jewelry pieces however, is my true calling.  The overall theme of my work is nature.  I love to think about the things I admire in God's creation and then envision how I might transfer my ideas onto metal and turn them into wearable objects.  From trees to fish, mountains to seasides, I am drawn to recreate them in miniature.

Sometimes I am inspired by the aesthetic value of different textures and contemporary designs, and this is reflected in my work as well.  I am ever exploring my concepts in a variety of new ways and combinations.  I desire that my pieces bring as much pleasure to the wearer as I received in making them.